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Kennedy Space Center Tours in Orlando

Get your tickets for NASA Orlando and visit the Kennedy Space center on your trip to Orlando

Do a Kennedy Space Center tour in Orlando

🚀 Space Odyssey Unveiled: Join the Kennedy Space Center tour in Orlando for a thrilling journey into space history and current explorations, showcasing NASA’s incredible legacy.

🌌 Astronaut Encounters: On your Kennedy Space Center trip in Orlando, meet a real astronaut, engage in inspiring discussions, and take home a special memento of your encounter.

🌠 Launch Complex Chronicles: Explore iconic launch sites with your NASA Orlando tickets, experiencing the magnitude of space missions and the storied history of space exploration.

🛰️ Atlantis Up-Close: Witness the awe-inspiring Space Shuttle Atlantis on your Kennedy Space Center tour Orlando, and immerse yourself in its rich history and simulated launch experience.

🌐 IMAX® Cosmic Cinema: Enjoy breathtaking IMAX® movies on your Kennedy Space Center trip in Orlando, giving you an astronaut’s view of the universe and space’s wonders.

🌟 Celestial Inspiration: Embark on a journey to Kennedy Space Center , where every aspect sparks your imagination and enhances your appreciation for space exploration.


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